DoPadel “Scorpio”




Scorpio is the racket that is as good for you who want to attack as for you to be on defense. One of the most complete racks on the market and DoPadel's Head Coach Octavio Santana's obvious choice. A little harder than the other models without being too hard A perfect balance between glass and carbon fiber both in the impact surface and in the tubular around the rack. It combined with a core made of RQ DUAL rubber made by EVA FOAM makes this design hit a racket you just have to try. The racket is made up of 100% soft carbon fiber and has an incredibly strong well-thought-out mixture of carbon and glass fiber in its tubular. (that which lies around the rack and removes vibrations) Composition is completely unique and together with the five times laminated core, it gives the racket a balance and feeling that is fantastic.