Siux Pro Carbon




The new Siux Pro Carbon Blue is a polyvalent padel racket. It is a model designed for advanced or professional players looking to achieve the best results and performance on the court.

It has a medium balance and a round shape, so it is able to provide the ideal balance between power and control hits. Perfect for both defending at the back of the court and attacking at the net. Besides, it has a very wide sweet spot, so it is easier to handle from the first moment.

Its faces are made of 3K carbon, a hard and resistant material that, when intertwined, provides a smooth and powerful layout, which offers excellent durability. The frame is 100% carbon tubular, which increases the resistance of the padel racket and avoids possible breakages.

The core is made of EVA Soft rubber, which improves cushioning on every hit and provides greater ball speed. Finally, it has been designed with a matte and smooth finish. The matte finish gives the padel racket a better grip on the ball, making it easier to do spin hits.